ls a graduate in Fine Art from the Sant Jordi School of Fine Art in Barcelona, and he has also been awarded with the Joan Guell Prize.
He started to exhibit his work in Barcelona in 1987.

ln 1991 the Forni Gallery in Bologna gave him an individual exhibition and in 1992 his work was shown in the Kouros Gallery in New York. ln 1994 the Sala Pares in Barcelona held what was his last individual exhibition.

The exhibition “Realism in Catalonia which was held in 1999 at the Santa Monica Centre in Barcelona, displayed the pain-
ting and installation set titled Zigurat de misterios. This is CUTTSHTU/ on exhibition in a permanent exhibition space at the Art 2000 Museum in Girona.

ln 2000 the Modern Art Museum of Ostend invited Vaquero to participate in the exhibition “Between Earth and Heaven – New Classical Movements in the Art of Today”, which was commissioned by the critic Edward Lucie Smith. ln October of the same year he was included in the publication of the volume New European Artists and he took part in the commemorative exhibition held by Sothebys Amsterdam.

ln 2001 he participated in the exhibition on the hgure which the Forni Gallery in Milan organised with artists from various European countries.

ln 2002 his work was put on display at the Panorama Museum of Bad Erankenhausen, in the exhibition “Mimesis et inventio – Contemporary Still Lifes in Europe

His work is present in public collections, such as the Testimonio collection of La Caixa, the Art Museum of Valdepenas, the Art 2000 Museum ofthe private foundation of Vilacasas in Girona, the collection of the Planeta publishing house of Barcelona, the Hesperia collection in Madrid, and the Fundació Sorigué in Lleida.