• Fantasmas y sombra humana

    Fantasmas y sombra humana


    203 x 203 cm

  • Largas sombras sobre la pared de oro

    Largas sombras sobre la pared de oro


    200 x 330 cm

  • La silla y el suelo

    La silla y el suelo


    110 x 168 cm

  • Mueble y espectral

    Mueble y espectral


    110 x 111 cm

  • Dibujo brumoso con filamentos de luz

    Dibujo brumoso con filamentos de luz


    110 x 136 cm

  • Cama


    2010 - 2011

    180 x 174 cm

  • Entrañas del mueble oscuro

    Entrañas del mueble oscuro


    130 x 110 cm

  • Dibujo entre luces blancas

    Dibujo entre luces blancas

    2010 - 2011

    225 x 308 cm


  • Work done between 2007 and 2018.
  • Fat pencil and watery on tracing paper

Some Studies Of Space And Light And Some Blurry Drawings

The series of drawings based on “El final de las apariencias” could be divided into three groups:

A first group is made up drawings looking at form or the study of an object, in which the accent of the drawing is placed on its descriptive quality. The composition or view from above contributes to and emphasizes the drama that seems to surround the composition. Sometimes, as in “Entrañas del mueble obscuro”, the precision of the line contrasts with the squiggles or filaments of luminosity that invade the surface of the forms.

The second group is made up of half a dozen drawings where the form is eroded by a watery wash that contributes a suggestion of movement. The subtle shades of grey and the shadows are spattered with sparks of light that scratch the surface and create a delicate play of contrasts that illuminate the form.

The third and most ambitious group is a series of large format drawings that try to capture or depict the enveloping space that wraps the objects and submerges the spectator in the experience of a discontinuous or irregular space. Objects left in white or barely suggested alternate with objects that are described in full detail, the intention being to heighten their physical presence. In all of them the aim has been to consenve an expressive simplicity that emphasises a lightness of touch over and above an obsession with finish.

Together the three groups constitute the adventure of drawing painting that my work has explored during the last two years.